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The Team

kieran humphries

Kieran Humphries started his journey at a very young age, having both a father and grandfather that were both massively into car mechanics it wasn’t long after being able to walk that Kieran had a spanner in his hand “helping”. For Kieran this is where the passion started, rushing home from school to get changed and help dad and grandad fix up a car or van, usually a Ford escort or Transit (no need to say Kieran learned to weld from an early age). It was no secret though that Kieran LOVED motorbikes more than cars, when out with family as a child if he saw a bike he HAD TO go over and take a look and most of the point a picture too, so much so that his mom started to carry a disposable camera around in her handbag!

This passion continued to grow as Kieran got older, eventually getting on a bike at the age of 10 and learning how to ride soon followed by learning how to fix it. Only a couple of years after learning how to ride he took his first look inside a two-stroke engine. This interest built and built and built until the point Kieran opened his own bike shop in 2014, taking on any job from a change of brake pads to complete engine overhauls. Kieran continued to progress in the industry until eventually getting to step into the World Superbike paddocks during a test week and work as a mechanic for a friend.

Kieran also spent some years working in a paint and refinishing center, carrying out various roles Kieran learned more about the car industry, products used, how body shops operate, how distribution centers operate, and a lot more. Forming great relationships in this job Kieran became close friends with a fellow employee who was a HUGE Ford fanatic who gave him some great insight into the world of Rallying and the modified car scene.

Having grown up around cars, Kieran also grew up around computers when his dad wasn’t working on a car he was usually working on a computer. Kieran picked up on these skills and eventually went to college to study ICT & Computing, It is these skills he has developed over the years combined with his passion and knowledge of the automotive industry that lead Kieran to start this company.

charley mac

Charley Mac first found her passion…..