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About further reach

how it all started.

Further Reach Digital Marketing was founded by Kieran Humphries in December 2020 with the vision of not only creating a digital marketing agency specifically for the motorsport and automotive industry but to build a network within the industry of athletes and businesses.

Kieran has had a strong passion for everything automotive from a very young age. Being born into a family of petrol heads Kieran was under the bonnet of a car and sitting on bikes whilst still a toddler. Fast forward to 2014 and Kieran took his first step into the automotive industry professionally after opening a motorcycle repair shop. Having learned the skills from holding spanners at a young age Kieran took on all major work carried out to motorcycles to eventually stepping into the WSBK paddocks.

Back in 2020 with the major impacts of Covid19 Kieran looked at ways to create a business using just his laptop, Having also grown up around computers, studying ICT at college, and having a sharp eye for the motorsport and automotive industry it made sense to merge the two skill sets to create Further Reach.

our team

Each member of our team has previously worked in the motorsport or automotive industry and has a passion for the industry in one form or another. Some have worked in the BSB paddocks, others are just keen petrol heads with a passion for cars.

We transfer this passion into our work ensuring whichever member of the team you work with, will have a genuine interest in your journey and products.

driven by results

When running a company we know that results matter, Some agencies will offer the same package to all of their clients but here at Further Reach each package is built to your specific needs and all aspects of the package are continually monitored to ensure you get the MAXIMUM results.


Garage Torque is the Further Reach Podcast hosted by Charley Mac. On the Podcast, Charley has various guest speakers from within the motorsport and automotive industry from professional racers to influential people in the industry who have built their brand from the ground up.

During the episodes, Charley discusses all different topics from when their passion was first ignited, their journey through the industry, their greatest achievements, and much more.

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